I'm a classically trained animator and effects artist that specializes in combat design. I want to help you make your action game better.
I'm the co-founder of Team Colorblind, a game development studio in Phoenix, AZ. I am the sole combat designer and artist of our current game, Aztez.
I've been a game developer since 2005, and have shipped 15+ games. I also teach game design & production at local universities and technical schools.
My "Analysis Package" gets you a breakdown of your game's combat system similar to the combat analysis articles on the Aztez development blog.
It does not include solutions. It is just a point-by-point breakdown of the inherent issues in your combat implementation.
My "Solutions Package", in addition to an analysis, gets you a thorough offering of potential solutions and improvements to the issues discovered during analysis.
This requires more time and energy, and the price reflects this. But it is exhaustive, and done in consideration of YOUR intent!
I will also do focused hourly work if you need me to directly tackle a specific issue, and will interface with any members of your team in order to yield improvement. I am willing and able to go on retainer as well. Email me for more info on any of this!

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